Sunday, March 13, 2011

this week was exhausting and thank goodness i have now hit spring break paydirt!  tomorrow i head out to missouri to see the family and get some relaxation in.  not much crafting has gone down last week or will go down this week.  however, i've managed to almost completely crank out that blanket i started... i just have one more row of squares to do and then add the orange edging and i'm done!  how's that for focusing on one project at a time (ok, so i've started about ten others, but still, i'm focusing)?  here it is, sorry the lighting is so bad, but i wanted to take the picture before i left town in the morning!

also, i am usually a one book at a time kind of girl, but people have been throwing all these books at me lately and i am trying to get some birthing books read as well.  i finally finished this book that i think i started in january.  i really enjoyed it and would recommend it if you like slightly depressing, yet fascinating memoir.  this author takes you through the world of his childhood and it's quite a walk in his shoes.

i'm off to pack, have a great week!

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