Saturday, October 29, 2011

i made this little dress for my midwife's baby that is on it's way.  when i finished it, i showed paul and asked him what he thought.  he hesitated for quite awhile and then said carefully, "is that for hudson (our baby)?"  when i told him it was a dress, he let out a little sigh of relief and gave his stamp of approval.

i finished one for my new little niece, evie, as well...

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

 i made a new necklace design for my etsy shop.  want one?  stop by my store...

Saturday, October 22, 2011

so, i'm back... maybe!  i have been crafting some and have taken pictures of my projects, but my last step of blogging has not been happening lately!  i did look at my august list i posted on here and was cracking up... here are my results:

august goals:

  • write at least one more blog post (completed)
  • finish dresses for my upcoming niece spawn, evie (finished one out of three)
  • read a book... any book that is not about birthing, breastfeeding, or babies!  (did it, did it!)
  • scrabble wall art  (i cut the wood out... that counts for something right?)
  • geometric painting (done done done!)
  • cook a couple of meals (more than a couple)
  • trim the bushes...  (yeah.... still didn't do this... and they are looking pretty bad....)

but i have done some other things since then too, and i am scheduling them in for upcoming posts, i'm writing them all today so there are some guaranteed posts coming up!  here's what i have actually done crafty wise:
  • made two paintings
  • finished evie's quilt
  • made a baby blanket
  • did some applique on a onesie
  • made two baby dresses
  • made a necklace
  • and filled tons of orders for my etsy shop

i also set myself some goals to help me out.
  • spend way less time on facebook
  • work on one, and only one, project at a time so my house doesn't get so trashy
  • hire someone to clean my house

we'll see how october and november go!  more posts to come!