Sunday, March 27, 2011

i felt like cooking this weekend (i haven't felt like it for quite awhile), so i made some delicious pasta last night that tasted just like some we had in italy over christmas.  i had also been dying for some cinnamon rolls, and not just the kind from a can.  so i used my bread maker to get them going and made these beauties.  it made 15 cinnamon rolls and within 2 hours, there were only 3 left.  i only ate 2... guess who ate the rest?  that's right, paul said he was protecting the baby from getting too much sugar by eating most of them so i wouldn't.  how sweet.  but they were pretty fabulous!

then for dinner, i made a favorite of mine that i don't make too often because paul's not a big fan.... falafel!  yum, lots of veggies stuffed into pita with falafel (from a box, so?).  love it.

i crafted quite a lot this weekend on several projects, but nothing is finished, so some posts will be coming up on the two pieces of art i'm working on to hang, the diaper bag i'm sewing, and the blanket that is almost almost finished!


  1. Those cinnamon rolls look SO good! Post your recipe, please! I can't wait to see your projects. Hey, can you make your vintage bead necklace in blue (not turquoise) for me to go with my Easter outfit?

  2. Your Mom did pick up some canned cinnamon rolls for me last night. I am hoping she will see this picture and be enticed to make the real thing. Glad you felt good, daughter!