Wednesday, April 20, 2011

project 8

10 projects in 20 days challenge:

this project wasn't on my list either... but i have etsy loved it for so long here at and furthermore.  sadly for that shop owner, i am too cheap and decided to go forth and create my own.  i won a bid for three plastic doilies on ebay and they came this week, so i just had had had to make it and hang it up right away.  and it only took me a few minutes to stick together!

ta da!  a long loved doily clock, all of my own.  and for cheap.


  1. Your are so crafty! Want to design the baby's room for me?

  2. this is absolutely beautiful! i think i gotta make this too.

  3. That turned out great daughter! I have no idea how you did that but I'm so jealous of your talent. WHERE DID YOU COME FROM? Mama