Wednesday, April 27, 2011

my last two projects are finished, well, technically i am finishing the last one right now, but it will be done before the night is over. and since it is night 20 that means i met my goal! and i already had the ice cream to celebrate it, just because it also happened to be 31 cents a scoop night at baskin robbins. my friend, sarah, always knows about these types of deals and clued me in! tomorrow i'll get both projects posted, one is a tricky, time consuming tutorial, but is turning out great!

also, my shop, and specifically my copper coil earrings, were reviewed in a vlog at, a great blog that makes me laugh out loud about the crazy things that happen to her.  she is doing a giveaway of a necklace or earrings of your choice, so hop over to her blog and sign up!

see you tomorrow with my last two projects!


  1. I loved your review and I also love my copper coil earrings! :) I would also love for you to try to make some pretty gold or silver ones. Gold most especially because it looks prettiest with my hair color. Can you make them out of a gold wire or not? Mama

  2. Congratulations on finishing your projects, dear daughter