Sunday, April 10, 2011

project 2

10 projects in 12 days challenge: 

i have been a busy girl this weekend getting some of these projects going!  i finished these owl prints that i hung over the crib.  i was actually going to only make one, but i decided it would be too small and lonely... so can i count that for two projects?  

they're very similar in design to the baby quilt that i want to make, but i thought i'd try them with paper first to get the feel for piecing them together.  i was trying to decide on what to put on the quilt and prints, so i asked paul if owls were boyish enough.  he thoughtfully said that they are masculine, because they are fierce predators... so there you go! 


  1. They look great daughter! The room is really shaping up. Now all you need are pictures of Grandpa and Grandma smiling in love

  2. Oh my word, those are too cute! Well done.

  3. I LOVE the owls! Wow, Lyss, now all you need is a baby! :) That room is looking very inviting to a new little person. :) I think he's going to love his new habitat. AND his new parents (and grandparents) as well. Mom