Thursday, April 7, 2011

project 1

10 projects in 12 days challenge:

i started small.  these plants bit it big this winter when we had some unusually cold arizona nights.  they have been sitting dead on my patio since january, making me feel the guilt of a murderer.

so i hit up a nursery and planted these beauties to liven up my patio.  i'm hoping they are tough enough to survive our upcoming summer.  my husband already told me that they will definitely die...

in their new home...

and i had a happy little helper rolling around in the grass while i planted....

we'll see what project i can complete tomorrow!


  1. Those look great! Don't forget to link your project list post to my post from today!

  2. Just tell your husband if he will water the plants each day they will live!

  3. Good job daughter of mine! Major improvement even if Paul's prediction comes true. You'll enjoy them while they last -- Kudos to you, kiddo! :) Mama