Wednesday, June 23, 2010

it is amazing what i can get done when i don't have to go to work!  my summer break officially started friday, and after a great camping trip, i'm ready to get back to my crafting, blogging, and relaxing.  things had been hectic with classes, work and a move, but now i'm feeling a bit more settled and my new house is in need of some craftiness. 

after searching high and low for my glue gun, i found it, next to the bottle of honey i'd also been searching for.  in the closet in our workout room....  then i set off to work on this wreath i had been wanting to make for months.  the original tutorial is here at living with lindsey.

and today i feel like sewing...   hmmm....


  1. You always amaze me Lyss! So cool! Can't wait to see pics of your house once you have it decorated and all crafty!

  2. Sew something for me! We need baby blankets! LOVE your book wreath! It turned out so great. I leave things in funny places when I get busy, too. Drives Mike crazy but I can usually find them. Usually. . .