Saturday, June 26, 2010

i wanted to post earlier, but i'm at a resort in tucson this weekend for my husband's work.  a fancy resort.  so fancy that internet is $10.95 for 24 hours!  so i found a sweet spot in the hotel lobby where the internet is free and here i am. 

the last few days i was working on some fancy throw pillows that i'd had in my head for awhile.   this one i had seen at pier 1 and it was quite a project.  it wasn't hard but took a long time, so i'll post a tutorial soon so you can learn from my mistakes!

then i had seen this photo and loved the idea, but i'm not big on bows, so the purple one is my version.

i lined up the pillows where i wanted them on this great bench that paul's mom got us.  i showed paul and he said, "i really like the green one you made the best because it's flat and won't get all in my face."  of course, that is the only one i didn't make... i got it at world market...  but he's too practical for his own good so i'm not too highly offended! 


  1. Those look great! If Baby Robbins is a girl, I'm going to make a ruffly pink one like yours for her room. :) Nice work.

  2. I love your pillows and especially the wreath. I was so impressed that I might even try making one for myself. Or I may wait till you guys come in July and we can make one together! Could you tint the edges a different color? Do you think that it would look good?

  3. Wow you are amazing. Love the pillows. Can you decorate my house? How much would that cost?

  4. These are lovely pillows, Alyssa.

    I would like to invite you to share your creations at Pin It Monday Hop#20.

    Here is the link:

    Hope you could make it. I wanted to follow you in G+ or Pinterest. Do you have one? I am not sure where to find it. :)

    See you!