Saturday, April 17, 2010

okay, so i usually get excited about buying chips, but today i was excited for a different reason.  i was at my favorite little market and i see that sun chips have new packaging for their chips that is 100% compostable!  how could this be?! 

it looks like a metalish bag, but it sounds like crazy crackly thick cellophane.  apparently it is made from plants and will biodegrade in your compost pile in 14 weeks or so.  sun chips are sold by frito lay, so i'm curious if it will soon follow suit and why sun chips are flying solo. 

whatever the reasoning, i'll be voting with my wallet and am crossing my fingers that this thing actually biodegrades and that it will catch on soon!  i'll also be annoying my husband with that crackly sound as i munch on my new sun chips.

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