Monday, April 19, 2010

long long ago, i started my granny square blanket.  no, i'm not done... not even close.  and now that the weather is warming up, i'm not too inspired to sit around crocheting.  but for now i have this cute little stack of completed granny squares to look at until i'm done turning this:

into this:


  1. OooOOO i love that show! I want to learn to crochet and make a granny square afghan sooo bad! i can knit, but crochet makes my brain explode. my mister can do it, he's trying to teach me again! lol i hope you finish your blanket some day! :)

  2. i think crocheting is actually easier, there's only one stick!

  3. so I guess this would be a bad time to request you crochet a granny square blanket for me too?