Monday, December 7, 2009

tutorial: how to make wine markers

okay, so to be honest i always thought people were just trying to decorate their glasses with these things until someone filled me in that wine markers are so people don't mix up their glasses. ah, so clever! so i decided to make some cute and simple ones for my own glasses. 

if you don't feel like making your own, i'm also selling them at my shop and will give you a 20% discount if you let me know that you saw them here at my blog.  i also made some beaded ones like these, and can do them in any color.

here's what you need to make your own:

wine marker materials:

4 different colors of embroidery floss (24 inches of each)
crimp beads (i used the folding kind)
4 beads or charms
20 gauge wire or jump rings
jump rings
4 magnetic closures
krazy glue

1. fold your string up to make four strands.  use the folding crimper beads to bind off two spots on the string, 3 inches apart.

2.  put a drop of super glue past the crimp beads and let it dry.

3.  while you're waiting, you can start getting your charms ready to string.  this is where you'll need the wire or jump rings.  here's mine:

4.  once the glue has dried, you can snip off the excess string after the crimpers and the glue keeps it from fraying.  string on your charms.

5.  now you just need to use the jump rings to put on your magnetic closures to finish up.

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  1. how clever! to be honest, i don't often lose track of my wine glass at parties because it doesn't usually leave my hand ;). might have to make these though for the next gathering!