Thursday, December 10, 2009

it has been such a busy week!  but now i'm finished with my master's classes for the semester and i hope to have a little more time.  it's so cold here this week that all i've been wanting to do is hide under a blanket, read my book, and drink tea!  but i haven't really done any of those things yet.... tomorrow night is my first show for my little jewelry business- i'm a vendor at a friend's holiday shopping party and i'm crossing my fingers that it goes well.  here's some of the stuff i've been working on in my spare moments this week:

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  1. Hey those are awesome! I should show you my outfit for our Christmas pictures and see if you have something I can borrow (and advertise) for them. I am wearing lime green and I think your red would look cool with it. . . What say you? Also, I need your Starbucks order for tomorrow!