Sunday, August 7, 2011

i was really hoping i'd be able to do at least one post a week post-childbirth, but i do not think that is going to be happening for awhile!  july flew by and here we are in august.  i have started some crafts, written down some craft ideas, but have finished very few crafts this month!  however, i have really enjoyed my time at home with my new little critter and i am headed back to work on monday, so we'll see how life's balance continues!

i did see this great set of alphabet rocks on etsy, so i made a less fancy set for my friend's son.  i think they are pretty cool, and i'm thinking a boy might like to learn the alphabet with rocks, right?

 august goals:
  • write at least one more blog post
  • finish dresses for my upcoming niece spawn, evie
  • read a book... any book that is not about birthing, breastfeeding, or babies!
  • scrabble wall art
  • geometric painting
  • cook a couple of meals
  • trim the bushes...


  1. You crack me up!!! Small steps!!!

  2. I saw some rock letters like that. I've been thinking about making a set for my classroom.

  3. I would love to make some of those rocks for my classroom. I think the kids would love that. And I bet you could make that pearl necklace for way cheaper than 95 bucks! I smell a craft day coming soon... =)

  4. Yes...he LOVES his alphabet rock. He loves to throw them. :-)