Thursday, July 7, 2011

well, i took a look at my ambitious list for june... i had written it thinking my baby might come late, so i wanted plenty to do to keep my mind off things.  so that list kind of flopped!  but here's what i did do from my list:

1.  made a blanket for my incoming (or outcoming?) niece, evie.

2.  made the quilt top for evie that matches her room,  but the quilt back and binding has not been started (and i don't even have the fabric for it yet)

3.  read the shack... my opinion?  eh. 

4.  birthed a happy, healthy child in the comfort of my home.  he came a week early, which is why i didn't get most of these projects anywhere near done... not that i would have finished them all in a week...

welcome to the world, hudson!

dear july,
i hope to survive you and enjoy you, even with minimum amounts of sleep.  if i manage to make something, i will feel an extreme sense of accomplishment.  i'm not making you any promises. 
good night,


  1. I love him!! He is so cute, and you know I would tell you if he wasn't. Or I would say something ambiguous like "What a baby!" But he's adorable so no needs for polite niceties!

  2. PS Who cares what you get done? You grew a human being from scratch and that's pretty much the ultimate accomplishment ever.

  3. Oh my word, he is PRECIOUS! Congratulations. And seriously. I'm with Sarah. Bringing a human into the world pretty much lets you off the hook for anything else.

  4. What a cute little human you made! I'm so glad the birth was a good experience as well. Enjoy your summer with him!

  5. He's adorable! <3 your little fam!

  6. I think that Hudson is absolutely your finest, best accomplishment EVER !!! :) How do you top such a darling little human being? Everything will pale in comparison after this :) Love, Mama