Monday, May 30, 2011

it's the end of may... i really did not do a whole lot of crafting this month!  i did a lot of resting and a lot of working, but other than that, i have been a bit out of the loop with making things.  but i have some big plans for june.  i found out my brother and his wife are having a girl (evangeline) due in october, so now i can start making things for her.  i have some things in the works.  and i need some things to keep myself distracted while i'm waiting for this little baby to decide to pop out.  here are some of my goals for june:

to make:
*a blanket of this style- i've made several like it before because they are so quick and easy, but soft and pretty.  i love making them in bright colors like this one.

*a zig-zag quilt from this tutorial that my friend, sarah, showed me- i want to make it bigger and in the colors of evie's nursery

*a pinafore dress- i absolutely love these and love that they can be a dress for a little one, but a top as your kiddo gets bigger.  and they can be reversible!  even better.  here is a pattern for one that i'm going to use.

*i also bought some fabric to make one of these pillowcase dresses for the charity Dress a Girl Around the Worldhere is a tutorial if you want to make one too, but they are really simple, if you sew, you probably don't need a pattern for these.  below is a picture of one made by one of my favorite sewing bloggers, emmyloubeedoo.  i first heard about this charity on her blog.

*make a good stock of my vintage beaded necklaces so i can continue shipping them out quickly once i have a little creature needing attention.

to read:
*a little history of the world by e. h. gombrich
*the shack by william p. young (so i can finally give it back to my dad when he comes next month)
*jane eyre by charlotte bronte (off the 100 books to read before you die list that i saw on sunday morning sugar)
*the stack of magazines sitting on the floor by my favorite chair

alright, now that it's in print, maybe i'll be more likely to get this stuff done.  the whole reason i blog is to keep myself motivated, so i'll let ya know what happens!



  1. You feel free to make any cuteness you would like for Debby! :) She would be happy to model for your blog and etsy store.

    I'm glad you liked that zigzag quilt. It's SO cute!

  2. All of that looks super cute. I love her name too! I'm sure your mom and dad are in heaven at the thought of getting 2 grandbabies in such a short time!