Sunday, April 17, 2011

project 5

10 projects in   12   20 days challenge:
so it's been 10 days... and i've kind of done 5 projects, kind of.  i'm cheating a little on this one today...  see, i put on my list to make a new necklace design and the one i had in mind totally flopped.  i had quite a lot of jewelry orders to fill this week so i made lots of necklaces, including a new color of my vintage beaded necklace design for my shop.  i'm going to say that is my new necklace design for the list, even though it's not really a new design...  kind of a cop out!   but i have been busy all weekend and will have more projects to post soon!

 i don't think i'm going to make my 12 day deadline at all... maybe i'll shoot for 20 instead, but either way i'm still taking myself out for dessert when i finish these 10 projects!

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