Thursday, April 28, 2011

project 10

10 projects in 20 days challenge:

i'm done.  i did it!  so what if i started out planning to do all this in a mere 12 days.  i'm pregnant and working, and yes, i'm going to pull both of those cards now to justify my use of time.  there were truly a few days were i just couldn't face raising a finger after i got home from work.  but i managed to get 10 rather involved projects completed this month, so i still think that's pretty good.

my last project had been looming over me.  i saw this beauty long ago (somewhere, didn't keep the link, sorry!) and loved the idea and colors... but this person used canvas (expensive) and a $40ish set of vinyl decals.  not in my non-existent decorating budget...

i'm sure vinyl would have made my project much easier, but i figured, i can cut paper, right?  and although today i can barely straighten my finger from exacto knifing for so long, i found that i can in fact cut paper pretty well.

i had the perfect spot in mind, over my bed, so i got a long piece of wood cut to size ($5), grabbed a couple bottles of acrylic paint ($1.50 each), and got to work.

i sanded and painted the board with the green of my choice, then started in on the hard part.

for the flowers, i sketched out some flowers on the back of the paper using ideas from the above picture and from searching for other vinyl flower decals online. 

then i spent a whole lot of time cutting all of them out with my trusty exacto knife.

i flipped them over to get rid of the pen marks and laid them out on the board.  i would have liked to have more flowers and more dimension like the original project i saw, but by the time i got this far, i just couldn't face cutting out any more!  and there is my dog involved as usual.... she kept walking across the board just when i'd get the paper laid out like i wanted...

i glued them down with just a glue stick and am thinking i want to find something to spray on to seal it, but i don't want to change the texture.... any tips?

i'm going to add picture wire to the back and mount it, so once i have it up, i will have our bedroom finished!  i'll post pictures once it is in it's new home.


  1. Very nice. I'm so proud that you made your deadline :) Good job daughter. Love, Mama

  2. -Your Treasured FriendJune 7, 2011 at 11:25 AM

    Love it! I have some spray that I used to seal my wedding leis. Worth giving it a look?