Monday, February 21, 2011

my copper coil hoop earrings are one of my best sellers in my etsy store, but i know not everyone loves copper like i do!  i decided to try out a silver pair and see if i liked them.  i still love the copper ones, but i think these came out great too!  they are now for sale in my shop.  do you think i should try colored wire?

my brother is giving away a pair of my earrings this week over at his awesome blog, check it out and enter to win! 


  1. Hey I am going to post about the giveaway on my blog, too!

    I think you should try the colored- I really like the silver! You should send me some business cards because I always get compliments when I wear my copper ones. Although I get the most compliments on the turquoise feather ones. And my yellow necklace. And my green string earrings. Well, most everything gets lots of compliments!

  2. I like the silver! Colored would look good too. I love big colorful earrings... although they are not always appropriate to wear to work...the silver ones would be more appropriate!