Saturday, April 2, 2011

i have a very ambitious friend who is doing 10 projects in 10 days on her blog.  i am not quite as ambitious..., i mean, really just 20% less ambitious.  how about 10 projects in 12 days?  that way i have two get out of jail free cards in case i just don't have it in me?  if anyone else wants to join in, you can link up at her fabulous blog.  we are working april 7th-17th (or 7th-19th for other slackers like me).

here's my list of highly ambitious goals:

1. clean out my car, seriously clean, like with a vacuum and sprays and rags and stuff (this includes finally taking the huge piles of plastic grocery bags floating in the backseat to the recycling tubs at the store).

2. make a crib sheet

3.  clean my craft room the heck up

4.  make a new design of earrings that has been on my mind for weeks

5.  finish my over the bed artwork

6.  plant some new plants to replace the ones that died from our rotten deep freezes this winter

7.  make a print to put over the crib

8.  make a new necklace design

9.  design and buy fabric for a baby quilt

10.  unpack (or throw away) the last 3 boxes from our move almost a year ago.

ok, if i can actually do all this stuff, i'm gonna take myself out for a deliciously unhealthy dessert.  or two.  yum.


  1. I was working on my list last night- and I think I need 2 sets of 10 as well! I thought about cleaning out my car as one of them, but that just wasn't as much fun as the others!

    I can't wait to see your quilt! I saw the cutest owl baby line at Buy Buy Baby if you need matching accessories. :)

  2. Skype with your mom and dad...

  3. Very ambitious, girl! :) I hope you get it all done. Don't save it for me. That's not MY kind of stuff to do :) Mama

  4. How do you have time for all of this?! The blanket is beautiful, by the way.