Sunday, October 17, 2010

 i feel so behind on my whole life right now, and i realized how long it has been since i posted a thing on here and i miss it...  it's not that i haven't been doing anything, i've just been doing too much, i think!
i had fall break at the beginning of the month and was in texas for a month visiting paul's parents and his little sister, daisy (she's the one on the leash).  here are some pictures paul's mom sent us from our little trek to the river.  that was a beautiful day and we sat outside for lunch and ate this crazy jalepeno summer sausage with jalepeno jack cheese on jalepeno cheese bread.  holy jalepenos, that was a good combo.


  1. Looks like fun! Glad you guys had a good time on your trip. Are you back at school now?

  2. Lyssa, have you ever noticed how Paul TOWERS over you!? You and I both just look like midgets. :(
    Your minimama