Friday, July 9, 2010

i finally picked a color for our bedroom and after two hot, arizona afternoons of slapping paint on the walls, it's done!  i love it, it's like warm sunshine on the walls... a forever reminder of how hot it was when i painted in here.  i had to take down the blinds, so the sunlight was streaming in full blast and my a/c would not keep up. 

paul hadn't trusted me to pick a color he liked, but he also wouldn't give me any input besides, "just leave it white."  ho hum.  so when he first saw me painting this color, he didn't like it because "it's yellow."  by the time i finished, he was surprised that he actually like it.  point for me.

i haven't gotten much up on the walls yet, i'm still trying to decide on what i want to put in there.  let me know what ya think! 


  1. I love the yellow! It is really soothing. I'm super into gray and yellow right now, so maybe some fun gray curtains or something?

  2. I love the yellow! Also, I love the color you painted your craft room. I think that's the color I want to paint a baby room/nursery someday.

  3. I love you sunny bedroom! And I think you'll love our warm, earthy golden living room and hallway! We finished it today. See you soon! Love, Mama