Saturday, April 10, 2010

Make Your Own Business Stamp Tutorial

so i was inspired by a craft done in my classroom a few weeks ago where the kids made prints using styrofoam.  i thought i would try making a stamp for my little business the same way, and while i haven't perfected it, it's something you can mess around with until you have just what you want.  it's also a great way to find a new use for that pesky styrofoam that can't be recycled!  i cleaned up a takeout box to make my styrofoam stamp.

you need:
styrofoam scraps
a pen
your business logo

first, i took my business card because i wanted my stamp to have a logo that matched as much as possible.  i made a copy of it on paper because you need to be able to trace it to make an indentation on the styrofoam.

if you want your stamp to have writing, you have to make it in reverse, so i flipped my paper over, print side down, laid it on top of the styrofoam and traced the writing with medium pressure with a pen.

then i lifted the paper off the styrofoam and used my pen to trace over the indentation with a little more pressure on the styrofoam.  you don't want your lines too deep, but deep enough that the lines won't pick up ink.  again, it's not easy to trace perfectly on styrofoam, so your stamp will have some character!

now you are ready to stamp- dip it in ink or paint it lightly and stamp away....

 not bad for a first try!


  1. Wow, that is a good first try. My crafty daughter!

  2. WHOA! Aren't you the most creative person ever! I never would have thought of this! Love your mom's comment above too!

  3. Definitely helps me...I would never have thought of this while Order Business Cards.

  4. Very helpful tutorial for making your own personal stamp but i think you should add video rather screen shots, because you can cover all the steps from start to end...