Monday, December 21, 2009

i was at my friend kate's this weekend and saw her awesome rectangle wreath she made last christmas and decided i wanted one of my own.  of course, making a wreath is not anything i've ever tried and i had no idea where to start, so kate kindly rescued me at michael's and told me what i needed.  this morning, after bending hangers and springing glitter everywhere (including my poor husband's face as he got ready for work...), i completed my silver and berry wreath and i love it!  thanks, kate!  i decided to keep it indoors so i could see it more often...


  1. It looks great! Especially on your red table. Love it! You should link up to some holiday blog carnivals to show everyone else!

  2. Looks sooo good! Haha I love that your husband was all glittery!