Monday, November 2, 2009

lucky for me, the school i teach at is closed down this week for the dark and ominous swine flu.  we're told we'll have to make it up later, but at the moment, i can't be bothered by that.  i'm a procrastinator in every way, so it suits me.  i decided since i have a surprise week off, that there is no better time to get this blog rolling.  here you will find me post about things i'm making, things i like, and anything else that i feel like rambling about.

today i made these:

i'll be getting them posted on my etsy shop very soon.  i love the ones on the left the best... they're like mystically indian earrings.  i might keep them.


  1. Hey! I care what you have to say! You gotta add a follower button so I can follow you in my reader!

  2. Well, I can tell by the high quality of what you have made that you are feeling much better -- by the end of the week you should have enough to open your own store.

    Welcome to blogging, daughter!

  3. i can tell this is an authentic alyssa johns site by the lack of capital letters. yippee! good job, sissy!